Friday, March 19, 2010

ZOO Adventure

This was my first trip to the Zoo that I haven't had kids with me. It was so nice to enjoy the exhibits! I have always had my daughter or family or school kids with me. So, your always keeping an eye on them and missing the great stuff! So, this was my chance to see it ALL! My wonderful boyfriend took me there because he wanted to of course and maybe because I've been complaining a little about doing more than watch movies. So, this was a great idea of his! I had a great time! It was sooo beautiful outside and everyone else had the same idea! But it wasn't too crowded once you found a parking place.

I was a little disappointed in some of the animals. For example, the penguins wouldn't swim, the sea lions are visiting another zoo, the giraffe wouldn't look at me or get close, and the polar bear wasn't there!!! What a bummmer! However, I did see some other amazing creatures!

Those were just some of the great things we saw there!

We did have a lot of fun there and as you may not be surprised by the fact we couldn't leave without Rhees using his very special sense of humor...but sadly I thought it was pretty funny...hope you do too!

Wow! What a day!!! We made the mistake of working out before we went and walked the whole zoo. My legs were soooo tired. I was a little jealous of this cute kangaroo ~ that's what I wanted to be doing when we were done!

But instead we did the next best thing!!! BRAUMS!!!! It was probably because we were so tired but that food tasted sooooo good! And of course we had to end our awesome day with our favorite ice cream...Peppermint!


  1. Great pics!I heard the zoo was crowded!! Gotta luv Braums!! :)

  2. Were those pics taken with your new camera?? Wowza!

  3. Of course!! I love it! It is super easy to use!