Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Fun

We enjoyed Fall Break last week. We were busy with life but made time to visit the Corn Maize. What a fun place ! We got to take one of my daughters friends and our friend who has a one year old. He is PRECIOUS!! Babies make everything more exciting! He loved it! (well, I think ....I mean he sure looked happy!) There was a box of corn that he sat in to play with the kernals. We took our shoes off and got in....felt lovely on the feet! Anyway we had a great time with the maze, hayride, duck race, smell of people roasting delicious food, and the screams from the haunted maze.

Then we enjoyed a nice evening tonight of carving pumpkins. We did this last year and wanted to keep up the traditions. Rhees always comes up with something wild, Necia is very original, and I'm pretty safe.

Rhees: Scary face and taiko symbol

Necia: Lady Gaga

Rebekah: Trick or Treat

I love doing fun things with the people I love: Creating Memories!