Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kite Flying

I have the most amazing friends/co-workers!!! Yes, I'm sure we all get annoyed at each other at some point in the year but REALLY you just can't argue that we work so well together and have sooooo much Fun!! Well, today Amber came to me and said she had a surprise for me but we had to go outside. Confused...I kept asking questions and she gave in and told me! She brought a stunt kite to fly. See several weeks ago I came to the conclusion that I had never flown a kite or at least had no memory of it. So, Rhees took me out and we flew his moms kite. And it was fun and such a good memory. BUT Amber wanted me to experience the flying of a stunt kite. Which by the way is something that Rhees has been talking about for weeks...he REALLY wants to fly one of these. So, outside we all went to enjoy this experience together! WOW!!! This was the perfect day....WINDY....WINDY....WINDY!!!

Amber got it set up for me. It looked very complicated but she knew exactly what to do!!
Rhees helped by throwing it into the air....but today we really didn't need that much because we had the wind! WoW! It was sure a blustery day! Great Kite Flying weather! Isn't he cute...he looks like Batman!
This kite was for me to have an awesome kite experience but guess who wanted to join in on the fun!!! Yes, he is a kid at heart! So, I shared my fun with him and look at that big smile! Well, worth it! THANK YOU AMBER!!! What a great idea!

Didn't really know that this was a dangerous sport but apparently it is! It was dragging me across the yard. But the injury happened when Rhees thought he would show off his talent and the string broke and hit him in the neck. Gosh! Is there protective wear for this hobby?? Maybe I should purchase it for him. I think he really likes these kites!

Monday, March 29, 2010

New and Improved Toothbrush Holder

I have been looking for a toothbrush holder. BUT I am a little bit picky! So, I new if I just waited long enough I would find the perfect one - OR I would think up something crafty. And that is exactly what happened! I was roaming around my favorite store when I came across a vase with an initial etched in the side. And I thought Yes! Yes! Yes! This is it!
See, the problem with most holders is the cleaning of it. Some are so hard to get to and maybe I'm just lazy but I thought this would be easy to clean and it goes with the bathroom perfectly~!


~One Vase
~One bag of Natural colored stones

Well, this is definitely different or maybe original ~ I don't usually step out of the box like this. Being a teacher- I usually see a good idea and copy it. So, let me know if you have any suggestions. I would love it!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Classroom Clipboards

Ok- I was getting really tired of my clipboard looking so horrilbe. The students mark on them on accident and on purpose and they just aren't pretty! So, I had done some decorative clipboards for Christmas gifts but my friend Marie had a better idea....chalkboard paint. It is perfect for the classroom! So, here is how I did mine.

FirstI cleaned all of the surfaces that I wanted to paint. This helps the paint bond to the surface.

Then I was ready to paint the front of the clipboard. I painted the whole front side. They do sell chalkboard paint in the form of spray paint. I had a friend that sprayed the whole thing eventhe silver clip and they are super cute. So, it's just up to you. HINT: spray paint would of been faster!

I just painted the edge of the back because my plan was to put decorative paper on the back. So, I just put enough so that the edges would look nice.
When you are ready for your paper. I suggest a thicker paper. One of these was very thin and it wrinkled a lot! Make sure you put the Mod Podge on the back side of the paper first. Then lay it down and smooth it. This is REALLY important...I didn't do that at first and had trouble!!! Then I put Mod Podge over the whole thing. Finally, I put Mod Podge on the back and front of the star and smoothed it on. Some of the wrinkled ones I put several coats of Mod Podge and if I could of found it I wanted to put Glitter Mod Podge on it to take your eye away from the wrinkles.

And the finishing touch was the ribbon. I just tied matching ribbon around the edges of the clip. However, many people tie it all the way around the clip. I think both look fabulous! I think everyone needs some of these!

Friday, March 19, 2010

ZOO Adventure

This was my first trip to the Zoo that I haven't had kids with me. It was so nice to enjoy the exhibits! I have always had my daughter or family or school kids with me. So, your always keeping an eye on them and missing the great stuff! So, this was my chance to see it ALL! My wonderful boyfriend took me there because he wanted to of course and maybe because I've been complaining a little about doing more than watch movies. So, this was a great idea of his! I had a great time! It was sooo beautiful outside and everyone else had the same idea! But it wasn't too crowded once you found a parking place.

I was a little disappointed in some of the animals. For example, the penguins wouldn't swim, the sea lions are visiting another zoo, the giraffe wouldn't look at me or get close, and the polar bear wasn't there!!! What a bummmer! However, I did see some other amazing creatures!

Those were just some of the great things we saw there!

We did have a lot of fun there and as you may not be surprised by the fact we couldn't leave without Rhees using his very special sense of humor...but sadly I thought it was pretty funny...hope you do too!

Wow! What a day!!! We made the mistake of working out before we went and walked the whole zoo. My legs were soooo tired. I was a little jealous of this cute kangaroo ~ that's what I wanted to be doing when we were done!

But instead we did the next best thing!!! BRAUMS!!!! It was probably because we were so tired but that food tasted sooooo good! And of course we had to end our awesome day with our favorite ice cream...Peppermint!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Duck Pond

Rhees and I enjoyed the park today. It was beautiful out there! This is one of our favorite spots to enjoy talking. While we were sitting there watching the ducks I felt soooo sorry for the poor female duck that was being chased by the males. Poor girl...she was just trying to have a relaxing day....dirty male ducks. There was also a duck couple that was pretty cute! It is amazing to watch them...especially when they come in for a landing!
Also, while we were sitting there we made a squirrel friend. I think that they get fed so much that they think humans are there for them. Well, it was neat watching him but it was kinda creepy when he kept coming up really close and starring at us. Once I thought he was going to run up us like a tree. But it was interesting to watch their behavior.

What a beautiful day! I love enjoying what God made for us ! Rhees took me here because we both enjoy it but he also knew that I needed to talk about some things so this was a perfect place to do that. Isn't he a great guy!!! I'm so blessed!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week of Food

My sister - in- law and I share the same Birthday Week! So, it makes it a whole lotta fun!! First, we started with her birthday dinner at On the Border. YUMMY!! Her parents made it too so, we had a great family time!! Then, a couple of days later I got to go with my family to Murphy's. Wow! I ate soooo much brown gravy!!! It has to be my favorite place! Then, if I wasn't Fat enough my boyfriend took me out for SUSHI!!! I could barely walk out of that place! The week could not of gotten better! My students even contributed to my fatness...lots and lots of chocolate and peanut butter!!! They are sooo great! This birthday was great but I'm really looking forward to next year!!!! It's the big 30!! I might actually be an adult !

Monday, March 8, 2010

National Boards

Well, I just want to say that I have the best co-workers EVER! I enjoy going to work
everyday. Several teachers decided to work on their National Board certification together and I thought that would be a good step for me to take as well. I am very nervous about taking tests but thought it would be a great challenge and I am always up for learning more! I don't really think I knew what I was getting into! WOW! It is a lot of DEEP thinking! But through the journey I did learn about how I teach and reflected on what I needed to do differently. The best thing though was that I wasn't alone. There were others that I could call and ask questions, cry, laugh, or just use their ear to listen to me. They were always there for me! During this process several things happened in my life that were difficult situations but God gave me the strength to keep going on. So, through all of my circumstances I have learned that you might have a lot going on and maybe you feel like you can't do it but I assure you that if you stay positive and set little goals for yourself. You will be able to achieve anything.

Well, let me just tell you that we worked really hard on all of the papers and studying!! We spent so many nights typing, quizing each other on the sun porch, calling each other to make sure we were on the right track, and going to classes to ask questions. I felt like my brain was going to burst. And if the papers and tests weren't hard enough...you should see the packing list. Your papers go in a certain box with special instructions....We had a packing party..just for this occasion. Well, when it was all said and done let me tell you.....we were soooooo relieved....so of course we had to have a party...isn't that what you would do?

So, yes after all of that I DID pass! I'm a National Board Certified Teacher!!! WHOOP WHOOP!

I'm so thankful for ALL of the blessings in my life ~ GOD IS SOOO GOOD!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, I have heard so much about this event and have always wanted to go. But always hear about it too late. So, this year I made a point to get info early and put it on the calendar! I had heard about how long the lines are and how cold it always is. So, I was prepared to wait and freeze. Well, guess what.....we got right in! FABULOUS!!! My friend Bill had his youth group there so they had saved us some great seats! This event was only $10.00 and was totally AWESOME!!!!!

And don't tell anyone but I think Rhees had a Rockin time!

Necia had fun with her friends.....BUT ..... I think I enjoyed the concert more than her. I think she just went to socialize...IMAGINE that !!

**** Well, Bill of course sponsored some kids through Holt international....so guess what .... FREE HATS !!!!! Don't we look cute!

Wow! I had so much fun! Newsboys, Fireflight, Third Day....and so much more!!!!!!!!