Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kite Flying

I have the most amazing friends/co-workers!!! Yes, I'm sure we all get annoyed at each other at some point in the year but REALLY you just can't argue that we work so well together and have sooooo much Fun!! Well, today Amber came to me and said she had a surprise for me but we had to go outside. Confused...I kept asking questions and she gave in and told me! She brought a stunt kite to fly. See several weeks ago I came to the conclusion that I had never flown a kite or at least had no memory of it. So, Rhees took me out and we flew his moms kite. And it was fun and such a good memory. BUT Amber wanted me to experience the flying of a stunt kite. Which by the way is something that Rhees has been talking about for weeks...he REALLY wants to fly one of these. So, outside we all went to enjoy this experience together! WOW!!! This was the perfect day....WINDY....WINDY....WINDY!!!

Amber got it set up for me. It looked very complicated but she knew exactly what to do!!
Rhees helped by throwing it into the air....but today we really didn't need that much because we had the wind! WoW! It was sure a blustery day! Great Kite Flying weather! Isn't he cute...he looks like Batman!
This kite was for me to have an awesome kite experience but guess who wanted to join in on the fun!!! Yes, he is a kid at heart! So, I shared my fun with him and look at that big smile! Well, worth it! THANK YOU AMBER!!! What a great idea!

Didn't really know that this was a dangerous sport but apparently it is! It was dragging me across the yard. But the injury happened when Rhees thought he would show off his talent and the string broke and hit him in the neck. Gosh! Is there protective wear for this hobby?? Maybe I should purchase it for him. I think he really likes these kites!

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