Friday, April 30, 2010

New Addition

Well, our class has been really enjoying our chicks. They are really getting big! I had been carefully candling the two duck eggs that I have. One of them I didn't really see much movement but the other one I kept seeing it move. Then a few days ago I stopped seeing the movement and expected that they died. So, I haven't really been paying much attention to them except for turning them. Well, today I wanted my students to see the chicks one last time before they left for the weekend. So, they came over to look and then lined up to leave. While, I was standing their watching them, I noticed that the incubator had a lot of condensation on it. Which is very strange!!! So, I peeked in and was extremely surprised to see a precious duck!!! I quick got my students back to the incubator to see this amazing addition to our family! They were so excited! I am amazed at the difference (Chicks/Ducks) in the time it takes them to walk. This little guy is really having to practice walking. It is soooooo cute. His little legs slide out from under him but, he is learning. I brought him home for the weekend so we could bond and have a little bath play time. You know ducks love water!!! I'll have to get back to you with those pictures. So, here is my little baby!!! I'm thinkin this little one needs a name. Any suggestions......???/

This is our little one drying in the incubator.

He worked so hard to get out of the egg....he is tired!

And now he is hungry! His first food!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Chicks

This is our class incubator. We have been taking care of twelve chick eggs and two duck eggs. The students love this and have so many question and things to learn.

We caught one hatching on video and one was born during class time so we got to experience the whole birth! WOW! What an amazing experience!

This little fellow was our first born. The students were expecting little yellow chicks so they were surprised by this little black cutie!!

This egg was a great visual for talking about the membrane and the blood lining the egg. It was a little gross but a great teaching tool!

This little chick was our one and only yellow chick. He is cute!

We are keeping the chicks in a box. So, of course we needed to make it home! So, the kids got paper and we made this our Chick House! Great idea....but don't use tape when a heat lamp is on it all day and night. As teachers we always are making notes of what NOT to do next year!

Isn't this chick adorable!

This is their lovely home! Their noises are a little disruptive. But this is the best teaching experience I can give my students. I love real life experiences that teach. The duck eggs take longer to hatch. So, we are patiently awaiting our little duck!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In memory of Holly

I just want to dedicate this blog entry to the Myers family. Her sweet spirit has touched so many people. Her smile and willingness to help out anywhere is what I will remember. It is so hard in times like these to understand God's plan. There are so many questions and things we can't answer. But my trust is in you Lord ~of Heavens and of Earth. Her beautiful children will carry on her smile ~ Lord, they are hurting right now...please give them comfort. After a hard day like this all I can say is THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Rhees has been dog/house sitting this week. I went over there to play with and take pictures of the dogs. I really have never been a large dog kind of person....BUT these cute things are really growing on me. Rhees is always talking about how great Boxers are and I think he might be right! The one big the large bladder...sorry if that is gross...but in my life that is Very important! I'm still trying to train these cute rat dogs to use the outside NOT inside! So, anyway.... here are a few pictures of our friends JERSEY and YORK.

Jersey really misses her parents! Good thing Rhees is taking good care of her!
She is such a good dog!

Rhees had soooo much fun with these two. I think he really wants one of his own!!!

This is sweet York. The 7 month old --full of energy puppy!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Projects

I went to a friend's house to a Home Interiors party. I am pretty sure the name has changed to something else but I'm not really sure. I did enjoy it and found a really cute little vase to buy. Perfect for my table. After getting it I went to Hobby Lobby and found some accessories to finish it off. And this is the result. It may be a little wild but I think it works. My horrible habit is only buying brown and black. I must be afraid of color. No, not really I just am always worried about it not matching. So, I thought red is bold -- go for it!

My next project was making my daughter a toothbrush holder. I made mine and we thought she needed her own too! So, guess what... off to Hobby Lobby. And of course we found just what we needed! More stuff for her cute black and pink bathroom! I wish I could get a hold of that wall color. I could help that room out sooooo much. But I'm not sure the apartment complex would like that. I'll just have to wait for a house. :(