Sunday, March 14, 2010

Duck Pond

Rhees and I enjoyed the park today. It was beautiful out there! This is one of our favorite spots to enjoy talking. While we were sitting there watching the ducks I felt soooo sorry for the poor female duck that was being chased by the males. Poor girl...she was just trying to have a relaxing day....dirty male ducks. There was also a duck couple that was pretty cute! It is amazing to watch them...especially when they come in for a landing!
Also, while we were sitting there we made a squirrel friend. I think that they get fed so much that they think humans are there for them. Well, it was neat watching him but it was kinda creepy when he kept coming up really close and starring at us. Once I thought he was going to run up us like a tree. But it was interesting to watch their behavior.

What a beautiful day! I love enjoying what God made for us ! Rhees took me here because we both enjoy it but he also knew that I needed to talk about some things so this was a perfect place to do that. Isn't he a great guy!!! I'm so blessed!

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