Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, I have heard so much about this event and have always wanted to go. But always hear about it too late. So, this year I made a point to get info early and put it on the calendar! I had heard about how long the lines are and how cold it always is. So, I was prepared to wait and freeze. Well, guess what.....we got right in! FABULOUS!!! My friend Bill had his youth group there so they had saved us some great seats! This event was only $10.00 and was totally AWESOME!!!!!

And don't tell anyone but I think Rhees had a Rockin time!

Necia had fun with her friends.....BUT ..... I think I enjoyed the concert more than her. I think she just went to socialize...IMAGINE that !!

**** Well, Bill of course sponsored some kids through Holt international....so guess what .... FREE HATS !!!!! Don't we look cute!

Wow! I had so much fun! Newsboys, Fireflight, Third Day....and so much more!!!!!!!!

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  1. So fun! I really wanted to go, but had to work! :( I love Third Day!!