Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week of Food

My sister - in- law and I share the same Birthday Week! So, it makes it a whole lotta fun!! First, we started with her birthday dinner at On the Border. YUMMY!! Her parents made it too so, we had a great family time!! Then, a couple of days later I got to go with my family to Murphy's. Wow! I ate soooo much brown gravy!!! It has to be my favorite place! Then, if I wasn't Fat enough my boyfriend took me out for SUSHI!!! I could barely walk out of that place! The week could not of gotten better! My students even contributed to my fatness...lots and lots of chocolate and peanut butter!!! They are sooo great! This birthday was great but I'm really looking forward to next year!!!! It's the big 30!! I might actually be an adult !

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