Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Halloween Fun

We had a few things going on this Halloween season. We started early with my last post about carving pumpkins. Those were for our porch decorations. Then we had fun with the family! Rhees' sister invited us over to enjoy some more pumpkin carving with friends. They had the set up now!! She is so crafty, on top of things, and just loves to have a good time with everyone! I am so excited to be part of that family... very soon!
Rhees even let me help him!

Rhees is working very hard on our Pumpkin King ! We both carved this pumpkin and were very pleased with the result! I love working as a team!

And of course Rhees wanted to be the Pumpkin King! Doesn't he look stunning! And thanks to Camden's insight....we discoverd that the Pumpkin King was a Pumpkin!!! OHMY! ~ Teenagers...they are so funny!

tHe PuMpKiN KiNg!

This is Kaitlyn with a friend that is really like family! They are too silly!

Everyone made a pumpkin and HERE THEY ARE! There were so many different ideas! I love seeing people's creativity!

These were soooo YUMMY! Marshmallows wrapped in fruit roll ups!
They are Yummy Mummies!