Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dance it up

Well, yes it's that time! My daughter went to her 1st semi-formal dance. Of course, she was
soooooo excited! She loves to "dress up" and hello what girl doesn't! And are you surprised that she found a zebra print dress. It is so cute and fits her well. It's hard to find dresses that aren't too revealing for my baby!

She had sooooo much fun! Enjoyed a little IHOP afterwards and slept in the next day. Just typical teenage stuff!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pink N Black :bathroom

Well, we live in an apartment so, the decorating can be kind of a challenge. Like the blue counter top in the bathrooms. But we have tried to make it home. And we Love it! My daughter LOVES the colors Pink and Black. So, here are some things we did to give her a little spice while she spends hours getting ready!

*Shower curtain from Walmart . It's just plain black. We thought about sewing on a pink initial on the corner. But that obviously isn't done yet.

And I found these shower curtain hooks at my favorite store: Ross
There are soooo many great deals there!

This was a great find at my other favorite store: Hobby Lobby
It was just what she needed to hang her towel on. It was under $5.00 and she Loves it!

This was too cute to not buy and was on sale at Kirklands.

And a girl has to have some Pink in her life from Victoria's Secret. It really smells great!

The candle holder had the BLING which my daughter loves!! I found it at Hobby Lobby. The candle was also from there. I wanted to make the candle match the rest of the bathroom and not spend too much money. So, I bought tissue paper with the pink and black design and used the blow dryer to melt it onto the candle. In the past I have used an embossing gun but I don't have one anymore.

On Black Friday I bought a gift for myself and I'm lovin' it! I now own a Cricut Expressions! So, of course I had to starting cutting right away. So, I used this old picture frame and cut out the N and put it on gray paper and DONE! E*A*S*Y !!

Yes, another project that was a result of purchasing the Cricut! I painted a canvas black. NOTE to Self: let dry for a day before you continue. Then I used different scrapbook paper and cut out the letters from one of my daughter favorite quotes. Then I used Modge Podge and a spray glaze over it. It was my first attempt and I learned a lot. Next one will be better.

Good Better Best,
Never Let it Rest,
Till your Good is Better,
And your Better is Best!

This blank wall is awaiting something creative. There is always something to be done! Anyways, it is coming together nicely.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

100 days older

This is what a 100 days of Kindergarten will do to you! Just kidding....This is what I look like after taking off my 100year old lady costume. We had sooooo much fun!

As I have told you before, I LOVE MY JOB! We have been in school 100 days! The kids have been couting down for this day. We had so much fun dressing as if we were 100 years old. I had a child say, "I'm a little confused. Are we suppose to dress like 100 years ago or 100 years old?" One little girl was standing in line and said, " hey you are the grandma of all the children." Aren't they too cute!

Well, another part of my job that I love is : MY TEAM
We have soooo much fun and look pretty dang good for 100 years old!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Meet my Sweethearts!

My daughter had a precious dog that was unfortunately killed by wolves. So, her Mimi told her she could pick any dog. So, we looked around and she decided that a Chihuahua was what she wanted. We went to the pet store and found a precious little girl (ZOE). We fell in love with her and she became even more special when a couple weeks later the pet store had a fire and all of her brothers died. We are so happy we saved her!!! Isn't she precious!! Of course she is the Queen of the house.

This past summer I decided that Zoe needed a playmate! And it just so happened that my friend needed to get rid of her Chihuahua, Papi. It was a perfect time! I really don't know what I was thinking but he was just sooo cute and lovable! He really isn't too smart but sure likes to cuddle!

And if your wondering....Yes, we dress them up. They don't appreciate much though.

These two are just like having babies. Except they don't grow up. They are part of our family and we enjoy the sweet moments (snuggling under the blankets)

and the not so sweet moments.....