Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One of my happiest moments....A Sale!!!

Well, it's been awhile since I have blogged. Well, Life has been great just super busy. But this deal has to be shared! I got several Hobby Lobby gift cards for my birthday and Valentine's so Necia and I went looking today. I had in mind a few things that I needed. If you don't know we just moved so all I can think about is decor!!! So, after walking down every and I'm not kidding every aisle. I noticed that one part of the store was having a HUGE clearance. I was so excited that I found 2of the projects that I had been looking for and an extra bonus!

So, first I have been looking for a huge frame to hang above my couch and then place different frames..candle holders..plaques..and so much more inside it. Well, I found in the clearance aisle a huge mirror that was broken. Well, to my luck, I don't need the mirror so the frame was perfect. It was only 59.99. It was really big so I decided to go home and get my hubby for help.

So trip #2 to Hobby Lobby
We walked in and to my surprise the mirror was reduced to 29.99. I know it was unbelievable. Then of course I had to look a little more because I was saving so much money. And yes!!!! I found more!

I had been wanting a really elaborate frame to make into a chalk board for my menu board in the kitchen. And yes....I found one 90% off!

And right behind the frame was candle holders and pottery that was also 90% off. So, of course for 2.50 each I could not resist!!! So, here are my Fabulous Find for under $55.00

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ok I have been crazy busy and life is finally slowing down. So, I am now starting another blog. Since I am married I wanted the address to reflect my happily married life! So, if you would like to still follow me, my new blog will be :


My husband came up with our "celebrity" name....Rheesbekah....Isn't that cute! I'm going to leave this blog here but will be using the other one. Love you girls and hope to keep up with you on the other page. Maybe if I get time to be crafty I could seperate my life adventures and my crafts but for now I'm stickin to one page!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Day after Christmas 2010

The day after Christmas we enjoyed a church service at our church. Which was something we really enjoyed because we had been out of town so much. Then we drove up to Bartlesville to enjoy another family Christmas. This was my side of the family. We also hadn't seen our dogs in weeks so we were so excited to see them!

This little cutie liked hanging out with Necia.

It 's always great to see my brother and his wife!

Christmas Day 2010

Well, this was definitely a memorable Christmas. Rhees and I are newlyweds and enjoyed every moment with our families. We drove all day Christmas Eve to get back just in time! We are so lucky to have such amazing families. We started our Christmas with Rhees' side of the family. His parents had a wonderful lunch and then the opening of presents happened. It was very organized and fun to see everyone open their gifts.

His dad had a little fun with his Granddaughter's doll hat! I'm so glad both of our families enjoy having fun and being silly! Makes it so much fun!
Evidently Rhees and his sister have a tape war every Christmas. This package was wrapped in packing tape. However, my strong husband tore into it like it was nothing! It think next year....it's on Jennifer!

Christmas Day 2010
I'm so thankful that Jesus is the reason we get together and enjoy family!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Halloween Fun

We had a few things going on this Halloween season. We started early with my last post about carving pumpkins. Those were for our porch decorations. Then we had fun with the family! Rhees' sister invited us over to enjoy some more pumpkin carving with friends. They had the set up now!! She is so crafty, on top of things, and just loves to have a good time with everyone! I am so excited to be part of that family... very soon!
Rhees even let me help him!

Rhees is working very hard on our Pumpkin King ! We both carved this pumpkin and were very pleased with the result! I love working as a team!

And of course Rhees wanted to be the Pumpkin King! Doesn't he look stunning! And thanks to Camden's insight....we discoverd that the Pumpkin King was a Pumpkin!!! OHMY! ~ Teenagers...they are so funny!

tHe PuMpKiN KiNg!

This is Kaitlyn with a friend that is really like family! They are too silly!

Everyone made a pumpkin and HERE THEY ARE! There were so many different ideas! I love seeing people's creativity!

These were soooo YUMMY! Marshmallows wrapped in fruit roll ups!
They are Yummy Mummies!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Fun

We enjoyed Fall Break last week. We were busy with life but made time to visit the Corn Maize. What a fun place ! We got to take one of my daughters friends and our friend who has a one year old. He is PRECIOUS!! Babies make everything more exciting! He loved it! (well, I think ....I mean he sure looked happy!) There was a box of corn that he sat in to play with the kernals. We took our shoes off and got in....felt lovely on the feet! Anyway we had a great time with the maze, hayride, duck race, smell of people roasting delicious food, and the screams from the haunted maze.

Then we enjoyed a nice evening tonight of carving pumpkins. We did this last year and wanted to keep up the traditions. Rhees always comes up with something wild, Necia is very original, and I'm pretty safe.

Rhees: Scary face and taiko symbol

Necia: Lady Gaga

Rebekah: Trick or Treat

I love doing fun things with the people I love: Creating Memories!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today our church celebrated all of the volunteers that work at our church! It was so nice to see everyone together having a great time ! Despite the Fall weather coming in we managed to have a great time at the park. We are so blessed by having these people in our lives!

We had so much fun eating hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, and sno cones~! Yes, a little chilly for sno cones but we have this awesome guy that has a sno cone shop and they were delicious!

Yep, never thought I would see this in my life time! Necia wearing a football helmet! Doesn't she look cute! Of course it had to be pink!

Well, it was confirmed today that my finance is not going out for the church softball team. He had fun trying to get the pastors into that dirty water. Look at it ......Yuck!!!

This is our pastor going DOWN! All of the pastors were so good about this. It was so cold outside and they stuck with it!

Wacky Golf!

We played two games and tied. Yea!!! Sadly, the third game he won. :( Yes, I'm just a little competetive! I just wanted him to feel good about his athletic ability! I'm so nice like that!