Saturday, August 28, 2010


I will always remember Aug. 20, 2010. Rhees did an outstanding job of proposing to me. We had talked about it and looked at rings so I knew the day was coming but had no idea he was going to throw in a little surprise.
Well, if you don't know Rhees ..I'm the luckiest girl ever!

He is my man who:

laughs with me

spends time with me

prays with me

opens doors for me

cooks with me

teaches with me

loves my daughter with me

is a dog lover with me

serves with me

and enjoys our families with me

So, yes he is an amazing Godly man! So, now what you were wanting to know about~ here is how it all happened.

We started our evening with sushi from FUJI. Because all great nights start with sushi. We enjoyed each others company and had the most amazing food at the sushi bar. Then we went to LaFortune Park ( we have a spot with a picnic table and pond that we always go to ) and enjoyed the ducks and the sun was setting. There was also a couple that was enjoying the view also and we really tried to wait until they left. But they weren't going anywhere so they got to enjoy our special moment too! Rhees had brought a large box with him. I wasn't sure what was in it and tried to guess but I wasn't successful. He opened the box and pulled out a CD player. And I thought well duh!!!! why hadn't I thought of that! He is the Music teacher.....of course there would be music involved! That was the big surprise. He also had a video camera and set it up so that we could remember this evening for the rest of our lives! So, he started the music and said that he had been waiting to play this for me because it reminded him of us. Then yes...He sure did!!! He sang to me! It was truly the most perfect moment! Every word was from his heart! And yes I did cry of course! Then he pulled me down off the table and got down on his knee and asked me to marry him! And of course I said YES!!! Then he prayed with me and it was the most peaceful feeling that we both had!

I can't tell you enough that God has an amazing plan for you! We know that waiting on God has been the most rewarding experience ever! Then we decided that we needed to celebrate with some desert. So, off to the Cheesecake Factory for some Appe Crisp. And here we are with our big smiles!!!

I have been looking at my beautiful ring every day and still can't believe that I'm engaged!! Well, the next story I want to share with you is about the *Bling*

We had looked at different styles and I showed him what I liked but he picked it out and added his own special touch. One thing that he really remembers about his grandma was a diamond necklace. It was eventually given to his mom and she was wanted Rhees to have it when he was ready for it. So, I guess he decided that I was that special girl. ( I love that boy) He took that special diamond and put it in my ring. I feel so honored to have this beautiful ring for so many reasons!

I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

P.S. I'm thinking that the new title for my blog needs to be Memory Lane !

( if you don't know..our last name will be Lane isn't that soooo perfect! )


  1. AHHHH!! You really DID blog it!!
    1) Yes, the best nights really do start with sushi.
    2) Absolutely precious story - I LOVE it. Crocodile tears - love it. How incredible to have it all on video! Way to go Rhees!
    3) Memory Lane is a fab blog name!

    SO happy for you Rebekah! You deserve it! He is one lucky guys!!
    Many congrats to you both!

  2. WOW! This guy is AWESOME! What an amazing proposal!! I loved it- thank you for sharing it! What a precious memory!
    Sooooooooo happy happy happy for you!!!!!!!!
    P.S. yes, I'm loving that blog name!

  3. OMG! I just watched this! I just love you two together!! Your kids will love watching their dad sing to their mom!! :)
    PS SO loving Memory Lane! haha! 2 cute!