Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1st day of High School

My little girl is a freshman now. I just can't believe we are already here. Let me tell you... it has been really hard for me to let go of her. I still want her to lay on the couch and talk about her deep dark secrets and funny stories with me. To hang out with me instead of those stinky boys. But I have to remember she is an amazing girl and I'm raising her to become a strong Godly women not a women who lives with her mom forever. As moms we have an important job and it's hard sometimes but what a great feeling when they succeed at so many things. She is loving school though and it makes me happy to see that. I'm so blessed that she is very smart and does great in school. 1st days of school are always great because we are both experiencing the same excited nervous feeling. Today my little precious kindergartners were fabulous ! For the first time ever I have more girls than boys. Wow! And you know those precious little ones love to talk. We are going to have some great conversations this year! They had a great day today and I even had one who said he had such a great time he would come back tomorrow! They say the cutest things! I love my job and love seeing my daughter grow every year. School is an awesome thing! We are lucky to live in a place with such a good school system! Praise the Lord!

August 18, 2010

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