Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1 fabulous yr. of dating

Yes it's true! Rhees and I have been dating for a whole year! It has been such a blessing to experience life with that boy! On July 23rd I decided that we needed to celebrate "us". See we are not really date people- meaning we really don't keep track of official dates/ like when we started dating, but we can pin point it down to the last week of July. Anyways..... back to my plans for us.

We started our day with the Philbrook Museum. Wow! What a gorgeous place! They had the mummy exhibit there so that was very interesting! Then we headed to In The Raw. YUMMY!!! We love us some sushi! This was an important memory that I wanted to bring back because he was the one who had me try sushi and I loved it! We had never been to this restaurant but it has a beautiful view of Tulsa! So, I was trying to go for the romantic date! We thought we were done eating there but I had a little craving that we had to satisfy first. I needed some chocolate!!! So, he had a great idea ....Cheesecake Factory!!! WOW!! This was fabulous! And we were sooooo stuffed! Lastly, we ended the evening at Philbrook again. They had a mummy movie on the garden lawn. We walked around the garden and even saw a little snake...yeah that was not my favorite part! It was so nice outside and the moon was gorgeous!

1 Terrific Year!
I love my Man! And hope that there are many more terrific years to look forward to!

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  1. you two are precious! Congratulations to you and your man! He is lucky to have you in his life!!