Thursday, June 10, 2010

{Embrace} the Camera

I loved the idea that a friend of mine had on her blog. It's called {Embrace} the Camera. Take a photo of you and your child and publish it every Thursday. I don't have many pictures of us both so this is a great way to start! Thanks Bethany !!

Well, I had a great idea of taking a picture while she was sleeping -- you know like what you do with your baby....well, she didn't like that idea. So, she got a little goofy! And this is what we produced! No makeup and all. It's hard to publish pictures with no makeup but this is our true beauty. Like it or not !


  1. YAY!! cute picture! She is so grown-up.... I seriously still think of her as a 2nd grader! Sorry - I know, but I do=)

  2. What a fun idea!! You both are beautiful with or without make-up!!

  3. ps if i had a child i would definitely be doing this...maybe i could use my pets and be "that crazy lady!"