Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Chicks

This is our class incubator. We have been taking care of twelve chick eggs and two duck eggs. The students love this and have so many question and things to learn.

We caught one hatching on video and one was born during class time so we got to experience the whole birth! WOW! What an amazing experience!

This little fellow was our first born. The students were expecting little yellow chicks so they were surprised by this little black cutie!!

This egg was a great visual for talking about the membrane and the blood lining the egg. It was a little gross but a great teaching tool!

This little chick was our one and only yellow chick. He is cute!

We are keeping the chicks in a box. So, of course we needed to make it home! So, the kids got paper and we made this our Chick House! Great idea....but don't use tape when a heat lamp is on it all day and night. As teachers we always are making notes of what NOT to do next year!

Isn't this chick adorable!

This is their lovely home! Their noises are a little disruptive. But this is the best teaching experience I can give my students. I love real life experiences that teach. The duck eggs take longer to hatch. So, we are patiently awaiting our little duck!

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