Sunday, April 18, 2010


Rhees has been dog/house sitting this week. I went over there to play with and take pictures of the dogs. I really have never been a large dog kind of person....BUT these cute things are really growing on me. Rhees is always talking about how great Boxers are and I think he might be right! The one big the large bladder...sorry if that is gross...but in my life that is Very important! I'm still trying to train these cute rat dogs to use the outside NOT inside! So, anyway.... here are a few pictures of our friends JERSEY and YORK.

Jersey really misses her parents! Good thing Rhees is taking good care of her!
She is such a good dog!

Rhees had soooo much fun with these two. I think he really wants one of his own!!!

This is sweet York. The 7 month old --full of energy puppy!!

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  1. awe...they are so cute! You just get used to big dogs even if you really wanted small, lap dogs! haha!