Monday, February 1, 2010

Meet my Sweethearts!

My daughter had a precious dog that was unfortunately killed by wolves. So, her Mimi told her she could pick any dog. So, we looked around and she decided that a Chihuahua was what she wanted. We went to the pet store and found a precious little girl (ZOE). We fell in love with her and she became even more special when a couple weeks later the pet store had a fire and all of her brothers died. We are so happy we saved her!!! Isn't she precious!! Of course she is the Queen of the house.

This past summer I decided that Zoe needed a playmate! And it just so happened that my friend needed to get rid of her Chihuahua, Papi. It was a perfect time! I really don't know what I was thinking but he was just sooo cute and lovable! He really isn't too smart but sure likes to cuddle!

And if your wondering....Yes, we dress them up. They don't appreciate much though.

These two are just like having babies. Except they don't grow up. They are part of our family and we enjoy the sweet moments (snuggling under the blankets)

and the not so sweet moments.....

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  1. They are soo cute! That is really sad about wolf and fire though! :(